When expert reports are required, legal, regulatory and/or technical requirements form the starting point. CRESPO CONSULTING knows the requirements and offers independent expert report in the following areas:

  • Occupational safety and health protection (EKAS 6508 or ISO 45001)
  • Determination of fire protection specifications (cantonal fire police regulations)
  • Ergonomic workplace clarifications
  • Accident clarifications and investigations after accidents
  • Determination of legal requirements (binding obligations) in environmental management (ISO 14001)

You choose the depth and complexity of the expert reports yourself and define the requirements and standards according to which the analysis is to be carried out.

Crespo Consulting GmbH also offers tours and inspections. Such tours or inspections are ideally suited to determine security-relevant weak points according to EKAS 65008 or ISO 45001.

Other examples of tours are in the area of environmental management, e.g. in order to identify weak points or to determine the degree of compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
(ISO 14001). Crespo Consulting GmbH also offers assistance in this segment.

We are happy to support you with our expertise. Feel free to contact us.